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  • Adidas ad reframes running as a mental health aid
  • Adidas ad reframes running as a mental health aid
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Adidas ad reframes running as a mental health aid

Yoga and pilates aren't the only physical activities that can facilitate mindfulness, with Adidas pushing the notion of mindful running through its Run To Connect campaign. It's playing on people’s evolving relationship with exercise as they increasingly see it as a stress reliever.



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    Britons’ exercise habits are shifting as traditional club sports are replaced by more inclusive and sociable group activities. And while barriers to participation remain for many, these crews and niche activities are attracting wider parts of the population to get fit and get involved.

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    Between work, social, and home commitments, many Gen Yers lack spare moments for themselves. So, they’re searching for outfits that look good and function well in a variety of settings. Outdoor Voices is catering to this demand with a flattering and interchangeable line of stylish activewear.

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    From ‘drunk yoga’ to ‘no-shower happy hour’, fitness and indulgence no longer have to be separate entities. Exercising is not enough – people want to create a social event out of their workouts. With more choice than ever when it comes to fitness, what are the factors driving this Gen Y-led trend?

  • 'Conscious' exercise helps stressed Britons switch off 'Conscious' exercise helps stressed Britons switch off

    'No pain, no gain' has been the dominant mentality in fitness for decades, but some are realising pushing their bodies into the red isn't always the best way to reach optimum health. That's why the 'conscious movement' philosophy is taking root, as it helps people to be more mindful about their fitness.