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  • German Green Party incentivises circular tech
  • German Green Party incentivises circular tech
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German Green Party incentivises circular tech

In Germany, the Green party has suggested introducing a €25 deposit on tech products to cut electronic waste. Rising eco-consciousness is seeing people take a more considered approach to their everyday habits, and they’re keen for help to limit their environmental impact.



  • Gillette creates circular model for single-use razors Gillette creates circular model for single-use razors

    Gillette has shown its dedication to sustainability by launching Britain’s first razor recycling scheme. As eco-conscious consumers show greater interest in circular economy models, brands can inspire people to do more by showing what happens to products after recycling.  

  • Article image Who knew! The science of turning trash into treasure

    People are keen to recycle, but often don’t because they find it burdensome or inconvenient. As eco action becomes more important to people the world over, how can brands better motivate them to recycle their waste? Canvas8 spoke to Karen Winterich, professor of marketing at PennState, to find out.

  • Article image What happens to old devices when Americans upgrade?

    With new gadgets regularly entering our lives, abandoned tech is piling up in homes; the average American household has $264 worth of unwanted devices. Why do people struggle to get rid of their old smartphones and tablets? And how can tech brands encourage more eco-friendly disposal habits?

  • Article image Dell x Bayou with Love: gold jewelry made from e-waste

    With just 20% of e-waste produced in 2016 being ‘properly recycled’, it seems that most people are simply throwing away their old and broken tech. But in a bid to advance the circular economy, Dell has teamed up with Bayou with Love to create a jewelry line from scrapped electronics.