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  • Fabric takes inconvenience out of family finances
  • Fabric takes inconvenience out of family finances
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Fabric takes inconvenience out of family finances

The Fabric app aims to help families manage and organize their financial matters and legal documents. By streamlining processes like creating a will and setting up life insurance, the app is catering to the desire for digital services that facilitate convenience, speed, and simplicity.



  • Article image How are American parents raising kids on a budget?

    Raising a family has always been expensive. But for many moms and dads in the US, squeezed budgets and rising social pressures mean they’re having to get creative to make ends meet. How are brands and fellow parents helping families to care for, feed, and clothe their little ones?

  • Article image Frolo: creating a single-parent community

    Raising a child as a single parent isn’t easy – carers are doing twice the work with half the resources. Enter Frolo: an app for solo mums and dads. It’s providing a safe space for like-minded parents to share experiences, swap tips, make friends, and meet up in real life.

  • Brolly simplifies insurance for digital-first cohort Brolly simplifies insurance for digital-first cohort

    Contents insurance can be difficult to understand and to navigate, but a UK insurance app is offering a personalised and simplified solution. By updating and automating confusing and antiquated systems, seamless apps are helping digital-native generations get to grips with money.

  • Article image Coya: app-based insurance for young Germans

    For German Gen Yers and Zers, buying insurance is scary – from paperwork and dealing with agents to paying through the nose for coverage. Digital-first Coya aims to do away with the stress, with flexible home insurance ‘micro-policies’ that are easy to understand and enroll in, all through an app.