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  • Diesel tells customers to 'enjoy before returning'
  • Diesel tells customers to 'enjoy before returning'
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Diesel tells customers to 'enjoy before returning'

Diesel’s 'Enjoy Now, Return Later' campaign features sharply dressed shoppers showing off their outfits with the tags on display while a voiceover narrates the store’s returns policy. It's a tongue-in-cheek move that shows Diesel understands modern fashion buying habits.



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    Do people care about environmental returns?

    Sustainable fashion and eco-friendly initiatives have made dressing with a conscience easier than ever, but are shoppers considering the impact of their returns? More than 33% of Gen Yers say they buy more items than they need. What can brands do to discourage serial returners?

  • Returnly offers eco-friendly 'returnless returns'

    Returnly offers eco-friendly 'returnless returns'

    San Francisco-based company, Returnly allows brands to offer ‘returnless refunds’. With more people than ever choosing to return items they purchased online, Returnly offers a solution that is both convenient and eco-friendly for brands and consumers alike.

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    Higher Studio: sustainable fashion for rent

    Fast fashion may satisfy a desire for frequent new lines, but the ethical cost is too steep for some. Offering a more sustainable alternative, Higher Studio allows fashionistas to rent out brand new high fashion items, helping them meet style expectations while staying true to their values.

  • Diesel SIDE:BIZ turns its followers into salespeople

    Diesel SIDE:BIZ turns its followers into salespeople

    Diesel is encouraging its fans to curate their own digital shop and earn rewards for getting others to buy. People prefer to discover products by personal recommendation, and as side-hustles become omnipresent, they’re willing to promote brands in exchange for branded incentives.