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  • Patch hotel caters to holidaying plant parents
  • Patch hotel caters to holidaying plant parents
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Patch hotel caters to holidaying plant parents

The Plant Hotel – the brainchild of online plant shop Patch – is taking care of people’s plants while they go on holiday. Given people’s growing love affair with house plants, which allow urbanites to connect with nature, brands can cater to green lifestyles and help people outsource domestic tasks. 



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    How can biophilic design improve modern life?

    Britons are having a love affair with plants. From terrariums and cacti to Living Walls and hanging baskets, they want to tap into their affinity with nature. With urbanisation making the natural world more difficult to access, biophilic design is reconnecting people to nature in built environments.

  • Knock knock caters to house proud plant parents

    Knock knock caters to house proud plant parents

    Knock Knock is paving the way for plant-based front door decor. Offering floral arrangements on a seasonal basis, the service taps into the growing popularity of greenery, particularly for busy urbanites, and caters to their desire for convenient shopping. 

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    Miracle-Gro Twelve: app-aided care for ‘plant babies’

    Heritage brand Miracle-Gro has entered the smart home space with its Twelve Indoor Growing System. Targeted at young, time-poor urbanites, it minimizes the effort required to maintain a small yet lush garden, allowing owners to enjoy the benefits of nature without spending hours toiling in soil.

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    Why Gen Y have become obsessed with plants

    Gen Y is embracing gardening, with growing plants and herbs indoors becoming a popular pastime for urban dwellers. Whether to boost wellbeing, bring a sense of calm to urban spaces or simply for its ease of maintenance, gardening is brushing off the soil of its previously stuffy image.