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  • MyVerte's Uber-style ratings fight serial returners
  • MyVerte's Uber-style ratings fight serial returners
    Nicole Honeywill | 2018 ©

MyVerte's Uber-style ratings fight serial returners

Online marketplace MyVerte has launched to allow e-commerce brands to rate shoppers on a scale of one to five, based on their return behavior. As this group of shoppers put retailers under increasing pressure, tools like MyVerte make it possible to punish and even ban serial returners.



  • Article image Has Amazon turned shoppers into lazy gifters?

    Amazon may not be the most inspirational place to buy presents, but that doesn’t stop people ‘adding to basket’. Canvas8 spoke to three experts to find out whether Prime has made us lazier when selecting gifts or if, in fact, the ease of e-commerce encourages more expensive and thoughtful choices.

  • Returnly offers eco-friendly 'returnless returns' Returnly offers eco-friendly 'returnless returns'

    San Francisco-based company, Returnly allows brands to offer ‘returnless refunds’. With more people than ever choosing to return items they purchased online, Returnly offers a solution that is both convenient and eco-friendly for brands and consumers alike.

  • Uber bans low-rated riders to support employees Uber bans low-rated riders to support employees

    In Australia and New Zealand, Uber riders whose ratings dip below four stars will be banned from the app for six months. As people come to demand more responsibility from tech companies, especially with employee treatment, Uber demonstrates its values by showing support for its drivers.

  • Article image Happy Returns: return online purchases in person

    Perks like free and next-day delivery have become the norm in online shopping, but returns are lagging behind. Aiming to make the process faster, easier and smoother is Happy Returns, which lets shoppers take unwanted items to Return Bars located in malls and stores to get an instant refund.