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  • J&J film shows power of entertainment advertising
  • J&J film shows power of entertainment advertising
    Sharon McCutcheon (2019) ©

J&J film shows power of entertainment advertising

Amid widespread ad fatigue, highlighted by the prevalence of ad blockers, Johnson & Johnson has sought to break through the apathy by entertaining people. Its documentary-length ad about an AIDS ward, which won a 2019 Cannes Lions Grand Prix award, showed how narratives can enhance engagement.



  • Podcast ads are capturing people’s attention Podcast ads are capturing people’s attention

    While still dwarfed by the billions of dollars poured into TV and digital, in-podcast advertising is on the rise. Advertisers are capitalizing on a medium that encourages active listening, with the hope that podcast audiences will be less likely to tune out ads than their screen-gazing counterparts.

  • Article image Can AR ads go beyond gaming and gimmicks?

    Augmented reality offers huge potential for brands to integrate their products with consumers’ drive to blend their physical and digital selves. Yet brand adoption of AR remains low. What are the drivers feeding consumer engagement with AR and how can it be better adopted by brands?

  • Article image Why digital advertising leaves people underwhelmed

    Online advertising has transformed from once-static, clickable images to targeted messages that follow people as they browse. Canvas8 spoke to Don Marti, a Mozilla strategist and Nudgestock speaker, to learn how this evolution has impacted the perception and effectiveness of digital ads.

  • Article image How can behavioural science improve advertising?

    Behavioural sciences have been applied to advertising for nearly 50 years, but industry-wide adoption is slow. Canvas8 spoke with Richard Shotton, author of The Choice Factory, about how behavioural sciences can help advertisers to innovate their practices to meet the challenges of tomorrow.