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  • Many Britons are avoiding news due to Brexit burnout
  • Many Britons are avoiding news due to Brexit burnout
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Many Britons are avoiding news due to Brexit burnout

Research from the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism has found that a third of Britons are actively ignoring the news, partly due to being fed up with Brexit coverage. To tackle this fatigue and lack of trust in the media, some outlets are focusing on more positive journalism.



  • Article image RADAR: robo-journalism tailored to local audiences

    Local journalism in the UK is suffering as digital advertising has stripped the budgets of regional newspapers, contributing to the closure of nearly 400 titles over a decade. How is RADAR, created by the Press Association and Urbs Media, using automation to keep people informed about their area?

  • Article image The Week in Good News: bringing joy to journalism

    With the barrage of bad news increasing every day, citizens hoping to remain informed are becoming apathetic, stressed out and down-right done with negative headlines. News outlets such as The New York Times are finding success by including positive stories, leading to increased audience engagement and feel-good vibes.

  • Article image How reliable is news shared on social media?

    Filter bubbles and ‘fake news’ have people concerned about the credibility of content shared on Facebook and Twitter; 13% of Britons say stories posted on these platforms are mostly unreliable. Canvas8 sat down with 20 people across the UK to get their views on social media as a news source.

  • Article image Coda Story: how slow journalism provides a different kind of scoop

    Today’s news outlets are like Twitter feeds; filled with short articles to quickly read, but rarely revisit. Coda Story is different. It offers a thematic approach to news stories, analysing all the major events as they unfold. But what’s the point of long form articles if no one wants to read them?