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  • People suffer ad fatigue toward social media feeds
  • People suffer ad fatigue toward social media feeds
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People suffer ad fatigue toward social media feeds

The omnipotence of social media is infiltrating all aspects of life, making advertising ever more ubiquitous. Two studies have found that, while the constant exposure is frustrating for the majority, a sizeable number still attest to ads introducing them to brands they wouldn’t usually come across.



  • Article image Why digital advertising leaves people underwhelmed

    Online advertising has transformed from once-static, clickable images to targeted messages that follow people as they browse. Canvas8 spoke to Don Marti, a Mozilla strategist and Nudgestock speaker, to learn how this evolution has impacted the perception and effectiveness of digital ads.

  • Article image How can behavioural science improve advertising?

    Behavioural sciences have been applied to advertising for nearly 50 years, but industry-wide adoption is slow. Canvas8 spoke with Richard Shotton, author of The Choice Factory, about how behavioural sciences can help advertisers to innovate their practices to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

  • Ad Avoiders Ad Avoiders

    When shopping online or swiping on Tinder, people don’t want distractions. Just 4% of Brits regularly click on online adverts, with 41% never clicking at all. Adblock usage grew 41% in 2015, and over a fifth of adults now actively block ads.

  • Article image How do you feel about online advertising?

    With 79% of Brits rarely or never clicking online ads, brands are wasting huge sums of money on ineffective advertising. So how can companies entice consumers to voluntarily eyeball their content? Canvas8 sat down with 15 British men and women to find out what they think about online ads.