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  • Patagonia ups sustainability with new partnerships rule
  • Patagonia ups sustainability with new partnerships rule
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Patagonia ups sustainability with new partnerships rule

Patagonia has announced that it will now only accept co-branding contracts with businesses that align with its goals and values. Patagonia is proof that in today's society it is important for brands to do more than simply state their support they must show it too.



  • Article image Allbirds: stylish, comfy trainers with ethical cred

    As ecological crises become impossible to ignore, conscientious shoppers are seeking ways to limit their impact on the planet. Sneaker brand Allbirds is meeting demands for eco-friendly fashion by using sustainable components – but that’s not the sole reason it's developed a cult following.

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    Plastic straws have been demonised since images of marine life being damaged by them hijacked the public consciousness and spawned a flurry of Insta-activism. #Stopsucking is an example of how these  eco-protests evolve, why they matter and how they inspire actual change.

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    Plastic is getting a lot of airtime right now: suddenly, what was once an invisible problem is at the front of people’s minds. Consumers are primed for change, so how can brands take the first by creating alternatives, educating customers and helping them form new habits?

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    From taking #nomakeup selfies to signing petitions on political issues, a growing sense of social responsibility and commitment to local community have changed the way people view social action. Is caring about causes the new badge of cool? And has it become ‘chic’ to protest?