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  • Gen Y media platforms fail to resonate with Gen Z
  • Gen Y media platforms fail to resonate with Gen Z
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Gen Y media platforms fail to resonate with Gen Z

A report has found that popular Gen Y media platforms are failing to make an impact upon Gen Z readers. With higher expectations for social responsibility and diversity, along with a desire for voices that reflect them, the younger cohort is pushing publishers to adapt.



  • Over-the-air TV viewing is up among US

    Over-the-air TV viewing is up among US "cord cutters"

    Research has found that more Americans are watching free-to-view terrestrial television, after cutting the cord on their cable subscriptions. With many so-called "cord cutters" unsubscribing to save money, some are bypassing VoD services altogether and are sticking to whatever is on the box.

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    A Sector Snapshot of Media and Entertainment

    What’s the appeal of ‘real’ narratives in film and on TV? Why are Gen Yers binge-watching cartoons? What impact have the #MeToo movement and inclusive casts had on people’s entertainment consumption? And how can physical media break through the digital noise?

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    Brat: scripted shows by Gen Z influencers

    With the volume of content increasing and attention spans dropping, entertainment brands are under pressure to find new ways to engage with Gen Z. With 2.5 million subscribers on YouTube, Brat has succeeded in creating original TV shows that are relatable and available to an audience on-the-go.

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    Mailchimp: using direct mail to bypass digital overload

    Direct marketing has evolved from mailers shoved through doors to emails clogging up inboxes. But as digital overload becomes all-too-common, some brands are struggling to break through the noise. With its custom postcard service, Mailchimp is offering a novel way to grab people’s attention.