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  • Nanoinfluencers provide authentic endorsement
  • Nanoinfluencers provide authentic endorsement
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Nanoinfluencers provide authentic endorsement

The nanoinfluencer is now in vogue with brands as they seek engagement from core fans. Smaller accounts are seen to provide a more authentic, human viewpoint and an experience akin to word of mouth. With people growing weary of mega influencers gun for hire approach to posts.



  • UK shoppers are wary of brands using influencers

    UK shoppers are wary of brands using influencers

    Nearly half of people in the UK believe that influencer marketing is having a damaging effect upon society. People are increasingly wary of brands using celebrity and social media influencers to promote products, saying the brands should be more direct or transparent with their marketing.

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    Col-Lab: an influencer-led make-up brand

    Make-up vloggers have established themselves in the beauty industry as trustworthy sources of information on the right products and techniques to achieve specific looks. Col-Lab taps into the power of these influencers, working with eight of them to develop a line of high-quality cosmetics.

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    FanBread: turning influence into income

    With bloggers and YouTubers discovering the benefits of creating their own digital brand, FanBread aims to help turn their influence into income. By providing branded websites filled with shareable content, it offers a hassle-free way to emulate the digital publishing success of mainstream celebs.

  • Word of mouth influences most female shoppers

    Word of mouth influences most female shoppers

    Word of mouth recommendations can heavily influence consumer purchasing decisions – especially women. New research suggests around 96% of women seek out the advice of others before they buy or try, with 91% looking beyond family and friends for an outside opinion.