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  • Emotional labor hinders women's work progression
  • Emotional labor hinders women's work progression
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Emotional labor hinders women's work progression

Emotional labor in the workplace is counterproductive, taxing, and detracts from the work that adds real value to businesses. Unfortunately, it also disproportionately affects women, who often end up assuming a caretaker role even at work, further hindering their ability to move up the ladder.



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    When men are involved in gender diversity in the workplace, 96% of companies report progress. How can companies encourage men to engage with gender inclusion? Canvas8 sat down with  Sandra Ondraschek-Norris of Catalyst Europe to understand how employee engagement benefits everyone.

  • #ImmodestWomen celebrates female achievements #ImmodestWomen celebrates female achievements

    #ImmodestWoman is a hashtag campaign that encourages women to be proud of their achievements by displaying their titles. There’s a perception that confident women in the workplace are seen as arrogant  an idea that the campaign aims to counter by highlighting their hard work.

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  • Facebook group helps people discuss tricky subjects Facebook group helps people discuss tricky subjects

    In response to social media culture that increasingly calls for people to patrol, police, and instruct users on web etiquette, the Free Emotional Labour Club is a Facebook group that promises to explain the new ground rules of online communication patiently, impartially, and for free.