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  • Tech fears prevent Britons shopping checkout-free
  • Tech fears prevent Britons shopping checkout-free
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Tech fears prevent Britons shopping checkout-free

Research on 'check-out free' technology reveals almost half of Britons are not comfortable scanning and paying items on their phone without stopping by the till. As mistrust of mobile technology is a barrier for older people, companies would do well to phase in the tech slowly to build consumer confidence.



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    Amazon Go: A New Standard for Automation

    The creation of Amazon Go – a cashierless supermarket where customers pick up items and walk out – seems to be winning in the race to master automated experiences. But competitors, such as Microsoft, are not staying far behind, giving the retail-giant some serious competition.

  • Self-checkout cameras raise Britons' privacy fears

    Self-checkout cameras raise Britons' privacy fears

    Sainsbury’s has come under fire after it emerged that the supermarket has been filming shoppers entering their PINs at self-service checkouts and broadcasting live CCTV footage in stores. People are feeling cautious about privacy, and if brands aren’t mindful of this, they risk being lambasted.

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    Moby Mart: a supermarket that drives to you

    Grocery shopping is a pain – 46% of people see it as a chore that they try to spend as little time on as possible. So, how can stores make the experience more seamless? Automated, staffless supermarket Moby Mart is merging the convenience of e-commerce with the ability to see and touch products.

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    Coop Italia: the supermarket of the future

    Over the past decade, a growing number of people have traded trolleys for home delivery. But while the online retail experience continues to evolve, less is happening in-store. Coop Italia is hoping to change this with a flagship store that it’s touting as ‘the supermarket of the future’.