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  • Gucci shows its values with gun control donation
  • Gucci shows its values with gun control donation

Gucci shows its values with gun control donation

Gucci has donated $500,000 to a gun control campaign in the US – a political statement in an industry normally shy to speaking out. In doing so, Gucci is revealing its true beliefs as a brand, affirming these values to Gen Yers and Zers who expect them to put their money where their mouths are.



  • Article image Why organisations should invest in diversity

    Gen Z may be the most diverse generation yet, but minority groups in the UK and US continue to face discrimination – so developing effective ways to include disadvantaged groups is more pressing than ever. Canvas8 spoke to June Sarpong, author of Diversify, to uncover the benefits of inclusivity.

  • Gucci bans fur for ethically-minded gen Yers Gucci bans fur for ethically-minded gen Yers

    In a bid to protect creatures small and large, leading Italian fashion house Gucci is discontinuing the use of animal fur in all its collections from 2018 onwards. The move should help win over ethically-minded Gen Yers, who want to spend on brands that reflect their values.

  • Article image Is it cool to be a concerned citizen?

    From taking #nomakeup selfies to signing petitions on political issues, a growing sense of social responsibility and commitment to local community have changed the way people view social action. Is caring about causes the new badge of cool? And has it become ‘chic’ to protest?

  • Article image Why are big brands bothering with vegans?

    Seitan and Fabanaise – that’s ‘wheat meat’ and mayonnaise made with chickpea water – might not have reached the shelves of the average Tesco yet, but veganism is infiltrating the mainstream. How can companies step up to meet the needs of more than half a million Brits who are vegan?