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  • Rio de Janeiro locals stay safe using apps
  • Rio de Janeiro locals stay safe using apps
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Rio de Janeiro locals stay safe using apps

With street violence in Rio escalating to daily fatal affairs, the city's inhabitants are seeking new ways to ensure personal safety. As news can spread quickly via word of mouth, a string of apps are helping Cariocans crowdsource information about incidents to keep themselves and tourists safe.



  • Article image MetrĂ´Rio 99: discounted taxis for Rio subway riders

    The MetrôRio 99 initiative in Rio de Janeiro combines public and private transport to offer people discounts on taxis if they ride the metro. With mounting road congestion and subway ridership on the decline – falling 14.5% between 2016 and 2017 – can it change how Brazilians get around the city?

  • Rio Companion app guides teams at the Olympics Rio Companion app guides teams at the Olympics

    Two British expats are helping non-locals find their way around Rio de Janeiro during the 2016 Olympics with the Rio Companion app. But rather than just focusing on pleasure, it also seeks to address a specific issue – safety. And it's got athletes at the centre of its offering.

  • Article image Companion: you'll never walk home alone again

    Almost a quarter of female student at US universities have experienced sexual assault. And while government initiatives have been introduced to make campuses safer, mobile app Companion appears to be having the biggest impact on freshers. How is tech being used to improve student safety?

  • Safer cycling with CYCLIN RIO Safer cycling with CYCLIN RIO

    Zooming through narrow city streets, cruising along the picturesque coastline and parking up anywhere you like for a bona fide Brazilian coffee. The freedom of two wheels is thrilling, and new service CYCLIN RIO makes it even safer for ambitious cyclists to see even more of Rio from the bike seat.