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  • Britons over 50 feel misrepresented in ads
  • Britons over 50 feel misrepresented in ads
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Britons over 50 feel misrepresented in ads

Whether they’re working, travelling or maintaining a packed social life that would put a Gen Yer to shame, over 50s are living active lifestyle. But this isn’t being represented on screen, and Britons over 50 are unhappy with the way they are portrayed in media and advertising.



  • Older people should be considered ‘active adults’ Older people should be considered ‘active adults’

    You’re only as old as you feel, but being labelled ‘old’ by society as soon as you hit 65 probably isn’t helping people hold on to the energy and enthusiasm of their younger years. Gerontologist Sarah Harper suggests that we start to consider those in their 60s, 70s and 80s as active adults instead.

  • Article image What’s the best thing about getting older?

    While one might imagine later life as a time of loneliness and declining health, research suggests that old age is accompanied by wealth and happiness. Canvas8 sat down with 20 British Boomers and Seniors to explore their attitudes to ageing, and to find out the best thing about getting older.

  • Article image How are seniors using tech to stay independent?

    People become more physically and mentally vulnerable as they grow older – but they don’t want to be treated as such. How can technology be used to help make seniors’ lives easier and more sociable, enabling them to stay independent while bringing comfort to their relatives and carers?

  • Article image Beauty Dossier: putting age before beauty

    The beauty industry is obsessed with youthfulness, but with only 3% of women over 40 using make-up to look younger, they’re finding it difficult to relate to many brands. Can Beauty Dossier inspire them to break out of their beauty rut with an online course tailored to a mature market?