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  • Parents protest Mattel’s AI baby monitor
  • Parents protest Mattel’s AI baby monitor
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Parents protest Mattel’s AI baby monitor

More than 15,000 people have signed a petition against Aristotle, an AI voice assistant for kids, prompting Mattel to drop the product before its release. The furore speaks to people’s discomfort with technology that threatens to replace traditionally human roles.



  • Article image BabyBuzz: forging a bond between dad and baby

    Feeling a baby kick is one of the most intimate parts of pregnancy, developing a deeper connection between mother and child. But what about dads? Swedish diaper brand Libero hopes to get fathers feeling more involved with BabyBuzz – a wearable that connects them to their unborn offspring.

  • Parents want control over kids’ device use Parents want control over kids’ device use

    Growing up in a digital age, more and more children have access to the internet via smart devices. But the ones making the decisions on whether kids have smartphones are the parents, and marketers are increasingly taking their concerns into account.

  • Article image What do people want from a voice assistant?

    Voice recognition tech is becoming increasingly advanced, leading more people to use it in their everyday lives; the virtual assistant market is set to be worth $3.07 billion by 2020, and Amazon expects to sell ten million Echo devices in 2017 alone. But do people really want to chat to their devices?

  • Article image Why are we welcoming CCTV into our homes?

    CCTV surveillance is almost inescapable in modern Britain. Yet despite calls for a curb on cameras, more and more are being installed – and not just by local authorities, but by regular citizens too. Are we feeling more vulnerable in our homes? And does CCTV actually make us feel safer?