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  • YouTube advertisers aren't investing in boomers
  • YouTube advertisers aren't investing in boomers
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YouTube advertisers aren't investing in boomers

When it comes to YouTube, social media-obsessed Gen Z may be the typical viewer that comes to mind. But a study by Strike Social shows that it's Boomers who actually sit through the most of the ads – but advertisers aren't investing in this demographic which has the time – and the cash – to spend.



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    UK Boomers on Leisure

    Over 90% of Boomers say they’ve ‘had a change of attitude to life’ since turning 50, and they’re more adventurous than ever as they approach one of the last major milestones – retirement. Canvas8 spoke to British men and women aged 50-69 to find out what they do with their free time.

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    UK Boomers on Communications

    With over 50 years’ worth of old friends to keep up with and family members scattered across the globe, staying in touch is more important than ever to Boomers. So how do they make the most of the tools available? Canvas8 sat down with Britons aged 50-69 to find out how they stay connected.

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    Why audio is an ageless medium

    Audio innovations are reshaping how older people interact with the world, enabling them to engage in the digital landscape in ways that feel more natural than swiping and typing. How exactly are audiobooks and voice assistants helping to bridge the technology gap between generations?

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    A Generational Snapshot of Boomers

    How are Boomer women breaking down beauty ideals? What makes this group such dedicated grandparents? And what are their plans for retirement? This Generational Snapshot uses statistics and case studies from the US and UK to explore how Boomers are approaching later life in 2016.