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  • Cuke books high-end travel for China’s LGBTQ
  • Cuke books high-end travel for China’s LGBTQ
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Cuke books high-end travel for China’s LGBTQ

With LGBTQ rights yet to be fully recognised in China, gay citizens travel abroad to fully express their true selves. While previous LGBTQ travel agencies in the country prioritised sexual experiences, Cuke focuses on its luxury offerings to differentiate itself as more more high-brow.



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    Comparison sites such as Kayak and Skyscanner have enabled people to find the best deals for their own holidays, contributing to the decline of the high street travel agent. But with ‘information overload’ a common source of stress, how is the package trip being adapted for demanding travellers?

  • Article image How China‘s LGBT community is growing in clout

    In China’s conservative society, LGBT individuals have long been living under the radar, even after same-sex relationships were decriminalised in the late ‘90s. Yet a wind of change is blowing and social media is helping this community emerge as a consumer group of great interest for brands.

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    There are an estimated two million transgender people in India, but this group has long been shunned by society. Now, as they start to break through into the country’s cultural scene – most significantly through music and fashion – how are brands speaking to them in advertising campaigns?

  • China’s gay community comes out on Blued China’s gay community comes out on Blued

    Former policeman Ma Baoli now plays cupid to millions of gay men in China. He is the founder and creator of successful, location-based, same-sex dating app Blued. The free app uses the GPS tool of its registered users’ smartphones to identify nearby members.