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  • Londoners protest TFL's ban on Uber
  • Londoners protest TFL's ban on Uber
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Londoners protest TFL's ban on Uber

Uber is no stranger to controversy, and the negative news stories are catching up with it. Transport for London has decided not to renew the company's taxi licence – meaning it can no longer operate in the UK capital. But Londoners aren’t happy, and are signing petitions to make their voices heard.



  • Uber is nudging its drivers to complete more rides

    Uber is nudging its drivers to complete more rides

    Uber is using behavioural science to encourage drivers to give more lifts. The nature of the brand’s business has created novel challenges, and it's addressing them in novel ways. But its already rocky reputation might be at risk if people interpret these mind games in a negative light.

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    #DeleteUber: Instagrammers take the moral high ground

    #DeleteUber marked a turning point in online activism, with social media users banding together to take the moral high ground against Uber's badly-timed promotion. But did people ditch the app because they genuinely disagreed with the brand’s actions, or so they could post about it on Instagram?

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    Would you boycott a brand for avoiding tax?

    The legalities of tax can be blurry. But as consumers become more informed – and the Panama Papers provide a spark to set the whole issue alight – is tax set to be the next frontline of CSR strategies? Canvas8 surveyed 3,000 consumers and spoke to 20 Brits to see if they’d boycott a brand over the matter.

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    Give a shit! The science of brand values

    There's one rule that explains how trends catch on; visibility. And more than half of us are now willing to pay more for products that are visibly socially responsible. Professor Lynn Kahle, who studies brand values, explains to Canvas8 why a brand’s values matter and how they influence people.