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  • Female Strava users want more data privacy
  • Female Strava users want more data privacy
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Female Strava users want more data privacy

Fitness app Strava has built a business on creating friendly competition between strangers via mutual data sharing. But with around half of female joggers having been harassed while running, awareness around the impact of digital security on offline safety is increasing, and Strava has come under fire.



  • Adidas' All Day is a fitness app for holistic health Adidas' All Day is a fitness app for holistic health

    Wearables have become popular among those looking to get fit, but many are now gathering dust, with research finding that they don’t necessarily help people live healthier lives as they don't address other lifestyle choices. Adidas aims to tackle this with All Day, its holistic lifestyle app.

  • Article image How do you feel about women-only transport options?

    In 2015, over 1,600 sexual offences were reported on London's public transport. In response, some have proposed female-only options, but with a third of women against the notion, is this really the solution? Canvas8 sat down with ten British women to find out how they feel about it.

  • Article image Strava: the cycling community getting us off the couch

    Strava, the socially focused, GPS-powered activity tracker, has taken the fitness world by storm. It’s had an especially profound impact on the world of cycling, with thousands of riders going to extreme lengths to claim the virtual prizes it offers. But what makes the platform so addictive?

  • Article image Companion: you'll never walk home alone again

    Almost a quarter of female student at US universities have experienced sexual assault. And while government initiatives have been introduced to make campuses safer, mobile app Companion appears to be having the biggest impact on freshers. How is tech being used to improve student safety?