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  • Rural towns in America are going under
  • Rural towns in America are going under
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Rural towns in America are going under

America’s rural areas are seeing more deaths than births, along with widespread socioeconomic decline. Despite the hardships of city life, few young people are choosing to live outside of city centres, suburbs, and exurbs – and small town America is at risk of being snuffed out.



  • Article image Why American Gen Yers are moving to the exurbs

    Owning a home is still part of the American dream for Gen Y, but many are being priced out of cities, leading them to seek a place in the exurbs instead. As they trade hectic urban life for a quieter existence between suburbia and rural regions, what can we learn about this generation of home buyers?

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    Urban populations may be growing, but with an abundance of green space, fresh air and peace and quiet, there are still plenty of reasons to live outside of the city. Canvas8 sat down with 20 Britons to find out exactly what they love about their villages, small towns and suburbs.

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    Agritopia is one in a growing number of developments known as agrihoods springing up across the US. Built around working farmland, they aim to reintroduce community spirit and agriculture to the anti-social suburban sprawl. But what exactly is the appeal of these neighbourhoods?

  • Article image Why Americans, young and old, are heading South

    Drawn to a warm climate, Southern hospitality and economic opportunity, 1.2 million people left the Northeast and Midwest for the Sun Belt states between 2010 and 2013. But how will this mass migration to the South shape America’s urban development, cultural diversity and economic future?