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  • People are going on holiday alone
  • People are going on holiday alone
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People are going on holiday alone

Are holidays always a time of togetherness? German travel agents aren’t banking on it. As time off becomes a rare commodity, the tourism industry is making way for individual holidays for those who want to cut other people’s schedules out of the equation.



  • TRVL turns everyone into an ‘amateur travel agent’ TRVL turns everyone into an ‘amateur travel agent’

    Thanks to sites like Expedia and Skyscanner, anybody can now arrange and book their own holiday. But with so many trips to choose from, picking the perfect getaway can be laborious. TRVL lets globetrotters post their past vacation and earn money from those who follow in their footsteps.

  • Article image Untamed Borders: deep travel for danger seekers

    What do you want from a holiday? Glorious beaches? Plenty of cocktails? For certain thrill-seeking tourists, a trip abroad involves something more extreme. Untamed Borders offers breaks to some of the world’s most dangerous locations, but why are people risking their lives over a vacation?

  • Article image HomeAway – Why Share It?: a holiday that’s all for you

    “Sharing is caring,” states a TV spot from holiday home rental company HomeAway. “Or at least that’s what they told us.” Actually, the spot highlights the uglier side of sharing holiday amenities like pools or bathrooms. But can HomeAway dethrone Airbnb by undermining the sharing economy?

  • Article image Flight Tonight: last-minute trips for spontaneous travellers

    Last-minute holidays account for around £26 billion annually, while one in three in the UK thinks they have a “spontaneous personality”. Can Flight Tonight, an app that offers the cheapest flights departing at nearby airports in just a few hours, cater to these risky travellers?