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  • Americans believe the 'forever home' is outdated
  • Americans believe the 'forever home' is outdated
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Americans believe the 'forever home' is outdated

Traditional life milestones include falling in love, buying a house, raising a family, and living in that home happily ever after. But research suggests that over half of home-buyers believe that the idea of the ‘forever home’ is outdated, and expect to move several times during their lifetime.



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    Why American Gen Yers are moving to the exurbs

    Owning a home is still part of the American dream for Gen Y, but many are being priced out of cities, leading them to seek a place in the exurbs instead. As they trade hectic urban life for a quieter existence between suburbia and rural regions, what can we learn about this generation of home buyers?

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    How house-hunting has gone digital

    Three-quarters of young Britons would like to buy their own property within the next five years, but the cut-throat nature of the market and the complexity of getting a mortgage may hinder their plans. How might the increasing digitisation of the real estate sector make home-buying less daunting?

  • American Gen Yers want marriage to be temporary

    American Gen Yers want marriage to be temporary

    Traditional marriage has its milestones; you wed as a virgin, consummate your union, raise a family, and swear to be faithful 'til death do you part. But research now suggests that lifelong marriage may be due an overhaul, with Gen Y increasingly open to a temporary 'beta marriage'.

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    Opendoor: selling your house in a few clicks

    Buying and selling a house are ranked among the most stressful things one can do in life. Opendoor, a Silicon Valley start-up, aims to change all that, promising to put your house on the market with just a few clicks. But will Americans really trust a pricing algorithm over an estate agent?