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  • BuddyHub pairs up British Seniors
  • BuddyHub pairs up British Seniors
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BuddyHub pairs up British Seniors

While society may be more connected than ever, loneliness among Seniors is still a huge issue. Enter BuddyHub – a social networking platform tackling isolation by pairing London’s older residents with nearby buddies, who help keep each other company by creating micro-communities.



  • Article image What’s the best thing about getting older?

    While one might imagine later life as a time of loneliness and declining health, research suggests that old age is accompanied by wealth and happiness. Canvas8 sat down with 20 British Boomers and Seniors to explore their attitudes to ageing, and to find out the best thing about getting older.

  • Article image OWCH: retiring to the city with your #squad

    Loneliness is a growing problem among the elderly – so wouldn’t living with friends make old age more enjoyable? OWCH – the Older Women’s Co-Housing group – is the first female-only scheme for over-50s in the UK, aiming to provide companionship and support for girls in their golden years.

  • Article image Same old, same old! The science of habitual buying

    Britain is getting older; the population of over-85s is set to increase 18% between 2015 and 2020. But it’s incorrect to pigeonhole seniors as inactive and content with a weekly game of bingo. From online dating to exercising to travelling, how are hobbies helping seniors feel young again?

  • Stitch is a social network for seniors Stitch is a social network for seniors

    The global population is growing older every year, and as more seniors get online, technology is becoming increasingly inclusive. Stitch marries together these factors with a social network for people aged 60 and above, geared towards finding companionship and friendship alike.