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  • Bromances are breaking down masculine boundaries
  • Bromances are breaking down masculine boundaries
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Bromances are breaking down masculine boundaries

If the Obama presidency taught us anything, it’s that the world loves a bromance. Now, a study has found that the benefits of close, affectionate friendships between men go well beyond making the internet laugh; they are “loosening the straightjacket of traditional masculinity.”



  • LADBible is rebranding for modern men LADBible is rebranding for modern men

    Lads were once derided as a bunch of lager-louts with nothing on their minds except football and boobs. But with ideas of masculinity shifting, the current stereotype of the ‘lad’ is a bit more nuanced. Now, online publication The LADBible is rebranding to transcend its name.

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    What are the characteristics of a good leader? Being assertive and powerful, or empathetic and ethical? Canvas8 spoke with Danielle Harlan, CEO of the Center for Advancing Leadership and Human Potential and author of The New Alpha, to learn what effective leadership looks like in 2017 and beyond.

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    For decades, rappers had to seem tough to maintain respect. But Drake, one of today’s most influential pop icons, is the antithesis of macho, connecting with fans through emotional openness and providing younger generations with a figure whose identity is as multifaceted as their own.

  • Article image The psychology of the bromance

    From the rise of metrosexuals – all man bags and make-up – to the growing prominence of gay sports stars, masculinity has evolved to be barely recognisable from its old school counterpart. But how has male friendship evolved with it? And what role does it play in the lives of modern men?