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  • London’s ‘Hopper’ bus fare changes how people travel
  • London’s ‘Hopper’ bus fare changes how people travel
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London’s ‘Hopper’ bus fare changes how people travel

In September 2016, London's Mayor, Sadiq Khan, introduced a 'Hopper' bus fare that lets people take a second bus for free within an hour. Six months on and 50 million ‘hops’ later, the fare is changing how Londoners travel, encouraging them to take the first bus that comes along.



  • Brits are public transport snobs Brits are public transport snobs

    Getting the bus isn't so bad, is it? Actually, Brits beg to differ. According to a new study, they're a nation of public transport snobs – 87% wouldn’t switch to the bus, even if it was made free of charge. Because environmental benefits aside, public transport is neither convenient or cost-effective enough.

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    Imagine if you could hail a bus via an app and address it by name. Olli is an eco-friendly, on-demand transport solution providing just that. But it has no driver. While autonomous vehicles are being backed by governments worldwide, are people ready to stop worrying and climb aboard?

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    Whether you’re at the station in Dagenham or on Main Street in DisneyWorld, queueing is woven into the very fabric of how many cultures create order in a crowd. David Andrews, author of Why does the other line always move faster?, explains why we queue and the psychological effect it has on us.

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    With wood-panelled walls and cold-press juices, Leap’s buses have been criticised for contributing to San Francisco’s rising inequality. Elitism aside, bus travel may be key to bringing efficiency and equality to our expanding cities, and Leap is just one of many pioneering transport services.