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  • Sephora is getting an in-store tech makeover
  • Sephora is getting an in-store tech makeover
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Sephora is getting an in-store tech makeover

With the average women buying the wrong foundation seven times before finding her perfect shade, shopping for makeup isn’t easy. Now, Sephora is launching its Beauty TIP Workshop – a concept store blending digital technology with expertise to offer a flawless beauty buying experience.



  • Article image How is customisation revolutionising beauty?

    The beauty world is being transformed by new technologies that personalise products to the individual, offering perfectly blended foundation and uniquely formulated hair care. How might customisation impact this historically segregated sector? And could tailored cosmetics become the norm?

  • Sephora launches a chatbot through Kik Sephora launches a chatbot through Kik

    Most teenage girls look to their friends for beauty advice, but thanks to messaging app Kik, Sephora customers can now use a ‘chatbot’ to find out the newest tips and trends. After a talk, some emojis and a quiz, it gives the user the most relevant content to suit their beauty needs.

  • Estée Lauder debuts #BeautyPlayground Estée Lauder debuts #BeautyPlayground

    Estée Lauder has launched its new concept store #BeautyPlayground in Malaysia, featuring six ‘play areas’ where customers can experiment and play with different beauty products to create their perfect look. Can the shop draw in the highly coveted Gen Y demographic?

  • Article image #: a brick-and-mortar mecca for beauty mavens

    Have you ever layered up a few coats of Trust Fund Beauty nail polish? It comes in plenty of shades, from ‘Boy Tears’ to ‘Insta-famous’. It's one in a number of Insta-born beauty brands that are stocked at # – a New York-based beauty store that only stocks products sourced on Instagram.