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  • Gen Xers use the most cosmetics
  • Gen Xers use the most cosmetics
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Gen Xers use the most cosmetics

The beauty industry may focus on Gen Yers, but people don’t suddenly stop caring about their appearance as soon as they hit 35. Beauty junkies come at all ages, and research shows that Gen Xers are using the most beauty products, using their hefty spending power to boot.



  • Article image Why do Gen X love to shop online?

    They may not be digital natives, but Gen X shouldn’t be underestimated when it comes to online spending power. While Yers are busy posting selfies on Instagram, their older counterparts are clicking ‘add to basket’ – but why does this ‘middle child’ generation love online shopping so much?

  • Article image The Midult: a digital destination for Gen X women

    Gen X women are often ignored by brands, who tend to target Boomers and Gen Yers. But they have a lot of spending power that isn't being tapped into. Enter The Midult, a site dedicated to giving these women a voice and defying stereotypes about what it means to be a Gen Xer today.

  • Article image Beauty Dossier: putting age before beauty

    The beauty industry is obsessed with youthfulness, but with only 3% of women over 40 using make-up to look younger, they’re finding it difficult to relate to many brands. Can Beauty Dossier inspire them to break out of their beauty rut with an online course tailored to a mature market?

  • Article image Is there such thing as a Gen X mid-life crisis?

    The stereotypical midlife crisis used to involve flash cars, younger models, dubious fashion choices and maybe a session or two of therapy. Fast forward to 2015 and those entering middle age don’t seem so rebellious. So what does a midlife crisis look like amongst those who refuse to grow up?