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  • People choose what Starbucks serves
  • People choose what Starbucks serves
    Bart Honhoff (2015) ©

People choose what Starbucks serves

After Starbucks customers regularly posted photos of a drink they came up with themselves on Instagram, the company formally added the beverage to its menu. In a post-social media era, brands have the opportunity to adapt to customers' desires, rather than asking them directly.



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    It can be frustrating having your card declined, and even more so when you discover that it wasn't due to a lack of funds, but a banking error instead. Mobile bank Monzo saved its 120,000 customers extra stress and embarrassment by notifying them of such an issue right away.

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    The 2016 elections in the US and UK may be making headlines, but democracy's messy embrace now stretches far beyond politics, with social media offering people a say on almost anything. How can brands make the most of the consumer vote without ending up with egg on their faces?

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    What makes content shareable? Why would someone share a video campaign on Facebook? Or tweet about a brand? Marketing professor Dr. Zoey Chen, who co-authored a paper with Jonah Berger, sat down with Canvas8 to explain how the way we discover content online affects the way we share it.

  • Article image How good businesses can change the world

    In his 2015 book Gamechangers, innovation expert Peter Fisk provides 100 case studies of businesses that have won the game, changed the game or even invented their own games via new strategies and innovations – from global giants to small start-ups. So what makes a game changer?