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  • Britons are buying Easter crackers
  • Britons are buying Easter crackers
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Britons are buying Easter crackers

A Christmas dinner is not complete without festive crackers. And while this tradition is entrenched in the winter holiday, Easter crackers are becoming more popular. There's no one way to celebrate an occasion anymore, and festive traditions are becoming more fluid and personalised.



  • Australia is using Easter to keep the bilby alive Australia is using Easter to keep the bilby alive

    The bilby is an endangered but beloved Australian marsupial, and it's moving to dethrone the rabbit as Easter’s mascot Down Under. As Australia shifts towards secularism, religious traditions are being repurposed to suit contemporary values, like the fight to keep the bilby from extinction.

  • Article image How are Christmas traditions changing?

    ASOS launched its first ever advent calendar in 2016, promptly setting the web ablaze. But rather than having chocolates or religious imagery behind each window, it instead houses little gifts for beauty buffs. From jumpers to festive decorations, how else are Christmas traditions changing?

  • Article image Gen Y on Christmas

    What does Christmas mean to Gen Y? Is it all about the parties, the drinking and throwing out unwanted gifts when no one‘s looking? Or does it mean a little more? Canvas8 sat down with British men and women between the ages of 18 and 35 to find out how they’re spending Christmas in 2015.

  • How people buy for birthdays How people buy for birthdays

    People’s inclinations to purchase products change throughout the year. But while brands are quick to market around holidays like Christmas and Easter, birthdays often go ignored as consumers are impacted at different times of the year. So how do people spend around their birthdays?