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  • French people are worried about climate change
  • French people are worried about climate change
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French people are worried about climate change

In the run-up to the French presidential election, a survey has revealed that the French are more worried about climate change than their European neighbours. With roughly 75% of its energy supplied by nuclear power, France is facing a crossroads in terms of environmental policy.



  • Article image Biocoop: feeding France’s eco-warriors

    More and more French people are buying local food from small producers as they strive to become conscientious consumers. Amid this shift, eco-friendly supermarket Biocoop is on the rise. But are sustainable credentials enough to steer shoppers away from the convenience of major chains?

  • Article image What’s driving an urban exodus in France?

    Major cities in France have long attracted workers, changing industries from agriculture to services and reshaping the country in turn. Yet the rural exodus has halted, with more people now moving to the country. Why are people leaving the city? And what’s to become of the French city-dweller?

  • Article image Villages Nature: Disney’s natural theme park

    Disney parks are known for making children’s dreams a reality, not for fulfilling climate scientists’ fantasies. But that’s about to change as the iconic brand branches out with Villages Nature. Set to launch in 2016, can a theme park pave the way for a host of new sustainability-focused getaways?

  • French supermarkets to give waste to charity French supermarkets to give waste to charity

    Europeans throw away between 90 and 100 million tonnes of food every year. Despite this fact, over 60% of food companies admit they have no clear strategy on how to reduce that number. France is set lead the charge by forcing large food retailers to redistribute unwanted products to charity.