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  • Macy’s adds self-service to shoe departments
  • Macy’s adds self-service to shoe departments
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Macy’s adds self-service to shoe departments

A shifting retail landscape has seen department stores face a decline  but Macy’s is adapting, testing an ‘open-sell’ shoe department where shoppers serve themselves. The approach could cut staff costs and mean less waiting around, yet streamlining the retail experience could come at a cost.



  • Article image Macy’s One Below: bringing Gen Y back to the racks

    As older Gen Yers achieve stability in their personal lives and careers, they’re finally reaching their peak consumption years. Facing stiff competition from online retailers and fast fashion giants, Macy’s is hoping to bring these shoppers back to the racks with new concept store One Below.

  • Article image Do we really hate self-service?

    People love to grumble about supermarket self-service machines. In fact 93% of UK shoppers claim to find them frustrating. But while consumers rant and rave when surveyed, statistics show that more people are using self-service than ever before. So do we really hate serving ourselves?

  • Article image What do we want from a store?

    Has e-commerce killed the high street? Online sales are rising, but 70% of UK students still prefer brick-and-mortar stores. The issue is confused. In an attempt to crack it, we sat down with retail expert John Ryan to ask how and why stores can retain their custom.

  • Article image Say goodbye to the mall rat

    Traditional ‘teen’ retailers like A&F are battling high unemployment rates, rapidly changing social landscapes and the increasingly fickle nature of fashion to stay afloat in a competitive market. But if teens aren’t dropping their cash here, then where are they shopping?