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  • Netflix launches interactive TV shows
  • Netflix launches interactive TV shows
    Eric E Castro (2016) ©

Netflix launches interactive TV shows

Netflix and chill could be a thing of the past. The streaming service is integrating interactive storytelling technology into selected shows, letting viewers play a part in the script. But with many people watching TV to escape from their hectic life, taking control over TV may not be what they want.



  • Article image Skam: the future of reality television

    Stuck to their smartphones and accustomed to watching what they want, when they want, broadcasters have struggled to adapt to Gen Z’s TV viewing habits. But Skam, a Norwegian teen drama, is demonstrating how ‘real-time’ episodes and social media integration can keep teens hooked on a show.

  • Article image 2017 Expert Outlook on Media and Entertainment

    Why are media owners relinquishing control of content? Why are older people still picking up papers? And how is internet culture changing music? As part of our Expert Outlook 2017 series, we speak to three media and entertainment experts about how ‘Netflix and chill’ is changing.

  • Article image BBC Four Goes Slow: switching on to slow down

    In May 2015, more than half a million Brits tuned into BBC Four looking to escape their hectic everyday lives with an hour of birdsong or a canal journey. The BBC Four Goes Slow series showcased ‘slow TV’, featuring uninterrupted shows filmed in real-time. But why are people tuning in to slow down?