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  • Mispronunciation inspires MailChimp ads
  • Mispronunciation inspires MailChimp ads
    Mailchimp (2017) ©

Mispronunciation inspires MailChimp ads

Crushed crisps, a music video and a nail art competition – these are all aspects of MailChimp’s latest weird and wonderful advertising campaign. The platform created nine cryptic videos, with the hope that people would go online to find out more, only to be told ‘did you mean MailChimp?’



  • Aussies voice embarrassment over Yellow Tail ad Aussies voice embarrassment over Yellow Tail ad

    Stereotypes can sometimes be useful in navigating the world. But in an increasingly individualistic society, people don’t always respond well to them. And when wine brand Yellow Tail used old stereotypes of life Down Under in its Super Bowl spot, Aussies didn’t respond well.

  • Article image Spotify – It's Been Weird: celebrating guilty pleasures

    Spotify boasts over 100 million users, who generate masses of data each day. For the ‘It’s Been Weird’ campaign, the streaming service has used this information to weave narratives around people’s listening habits, exposing their guilty pleasures and secret, themed playlists on billboards.

  • Article image Face swapping: a ritual for digital friendships

    Have you ever seen a dog with the face of a girl? Or your best mate with the face of their mum? Darling of iPhone camera rolls, Facebook feeds and Buzzfeed listicles alike, face swapping has become a ritual of friendship in a digital age. But what explains the lasting appeal of weirdness on the web?

  • "Weird Al" proves that silly can be cool

    "And listen up when I tell you this," raps "Weird Al" Yankovic, "I hope you never use quotation marks for emphasis." To the tune of Robin Thicke's broadly discussed 'Blurred Lines', the original pastiche master rejects the socially aware parodies of Thicke's 2013 single in favour of a sillier approach.