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  • Multisensory VR could whet our appetites
  • Multisensory VR could whet our appetites
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Multisensory VR could whet our appetites

As anyone who's ever caught the faintest whiff of freshly baked bread can tell you, our sense of smell is inextricably linked to our memories of food. So the Virtual Human Interaction Lab is experimenting by adding smell and touch to potential VR experiences.



  • Nosulus Rift is smelly VR Nosulus Rift is smelly VR

    Oculus Rift is redefining digital entertainment, shopping and even leisure pursuits through enhanced sights and sounds. Nosulus Rift, by contrast, is a new device from game developer Ubisoft that's entering the world of VR by allowing players to experience a new side to video games – smell.

  • Article image Food porn! The science of visual hunger

    From Bake Off’s beautiful buns to Instagram foodies posting pictures of their plates – digitally enhanced images of divine-looking dishes are everywhere. Professor Charles Spence, who studies visual hunger, explains to Canvas8 how these images affect our appetites.

  • Article image How to create a multi-sensory flavour sensation

    When it comes to food, it’s all about flavour – right? Canvas8 spoke to Charles Spence, the psychologist behind ‘gastrophysics’, to discover how all senses impact on how we taste and to find out how brands are using packaging, colour and sound to radically alter our flavour experiences.

  • What does the city of York smell like? What does the city of York smell like?

    Travel brochures usually contain beautiful imagery and romantic descriptions to entice tourists. The latest guide to the UK city of York, however, uses smell to demonstrate different activities the city holds – from a day at the races to the railway museum, to ghost walks.