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  • Dads want equal rights as parents
  • Dads want equal rights as parents
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Dads want equal rights as parents

Shifting gender norms are making more space for men in the child-rearing process, and fathers want to play an equal part in their kids’ upbringing. But with dads now bearing the brunt of resistance from workplaces, a new generation of parents is looking for representation that suits modern fatherhood.



  • Dads can’t stop sharing on social media Dads can’t stop sharing on social media

    Three-quarters of parents are on social media, and while US mums might check Instagram as often as six times a day, dads aren’t being left behind. They’re using social media to show off (and keep tabs on) their kids, get dad-to-dad advice, and engage with brands.

  • Article image How much housework are men doing?

    The fight for equal pay may be well-publicised, but women are still left to most of the housework behind closed doors. And while advertisers are shifting away from out-dated ideas of macho cleaners and domestic goddesses, how can men be convinced to pull their weight in the home?

  • New dads lose more sleep than mums New dads lose more sleep than mums

    Traditionally, we assume it’s the mother who loses the most sleep following childbirth. But recent research shows that in couples with a newborn, fathers are the ones getting less sleep. Once again, while new dads are increasingly taking responsibility, they still feel poorly portrayed in the media.

  • Article image How has the role of ‘dad’ changed?

    The role of dad has changed from breadwinning head of the family to friend, protector, role model, teacher, and carer, and there's now a record number of single dads. But while 75% of dads are responsible for their kids’ well-being, why do only 20% see that reflected in media?