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  • Global trust is at an all-time low
  • Global trust is at an all-time low
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Global trust is at an all-time low

The global population is plagued with doubt, with governments and media worldwide less trusted than ever. As people turn to tech to fill the void left by the institutions that are no longer dependable, industry giants are looking for ways to keep power from being synonymous with corruption.



  • Gen Yers are giving up on democracy Gen Yers are giving up on democracy

    Disappointing governments have left an entire global population of young people disenfranchised, and questioning existing systems. With a shrinking number of Gen Yers considering democracy to be a political ideal, their faith in government is suffering. 

  • Article image What do Americans look for in a political leader?

    As Americans prepare to elect a new president, what qualities are they looking for in their future leader? What values do they idealise, and what traits are non-negotiable? Canvas8 sat down with 20 men and women from across the US to find out what they think makes prime presidential material.

  • Article image Can we trust robots?

    As our lives become more automated, the consumer robotics industry is only set to grow. But something is holding the market back – people find it difficult to trust these machines, especially in their homes and offices. Why do they make us uneasy, and what will convince people to trust robots?

  • Article image UK Gen X on Citizenship

    The archetypal Gen Xer is notoriously self-absorbed. But what do they think of the rest of society? Are they political? Do they consume ethically? Or would they rather not think about it? Canvas8 sat down with British men and women between the ages of 35 and 49 to find out what causes they care about.