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  • British men pay £101 more for car insurance
  • British men pay £101 more for car insurance
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British men pay £101 more for car insurance

It’s long been debated whether men or women are better drivers, and despite rules preventing insurers changing their offerings based on gender, research has revealed that men pay far more for their car insurance than women, as companies are taking wider risks into account.



  • Article image What do Gen Y expect from insurers?

    Young adults are not engaged with insurance, and that’s not surprising given that only 34% of Gen Y customers have had positive experiences with their insurer. So how can these companies better engage their young clientele? And what do Gen Yers expect when they purchase a policy?

  • Article image Why would you buy life insurance?

    The attitude to buying life insurance is unlike getting a car or shopping for groceries. After all, who wants to think about dying? Yet despite their reluctance, 39% of Gen Yers claimed they’d get a policy in 2015. How are insurers making the process of getting life cover easier and more accessible?

  • Article image Progressive: rewarding drivers that play it safe

    Insurance is a necessary evil; it's a grudge purchase that people would rather not think about. Smart insurers like Progressive are using black box technology to monitor their customers – safe driving can lead to double-digit cost cuts. But are people comfortable trading their data for rewards?

  • Article image Metromile: pay-as-you drive car insurance

    The US car insurance industry is worth around $199 billion - but car use is declining, and one third of people sought a new insurer in 2013. Adapting to changing usage patterns and customer demands, Metromile makes insurance more customer-friendly with a pay-by-the-mile scheme.