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  • Phone privacy concerns run high Down Under
  • Phone privacy concerns run high Down Under
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Phone privacy concerns run high Down Under

People's privacy fears aren’t always directed at big tech firms. A new study has found that two-thirds of Aussies passlock their phones, with identity theft, exposure of naked pics and social media pranks their top concerns. After all, you may not want just anyone to see everything on your device.



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    A small town in Colorado recently made headlines for a high school sexting scandal which took place using a hidden app. Photos of students at Cañon City High School were circulating in a sexting ring led by the football team. But how did hundreds of teenagers get involved without getting caught?

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    With the news of Samsung spying through televisions, Ford bugging cars and yesterday’s internet wunderkinds – Google, Facebook, Amazon – feeling like today’s big corporates, internet critic Andrew Keen gives his views on potential digital dystopias in his book The Internet Is Not The Answer.

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    If awareness of internet security is so high, then why are we still using '123456' and 'password' to protect our accounts? Can 1Password – a sophisticated and simple password manager – be the encrypted answer for the 70% of people who regularly forget their passwords?

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    From the NSA scandal to the ‘white lies’ people tell themselves, we sat down with acclaimed behavioural economist Dan Ariely to learn more about the driving forces behind dishonesty.