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  • Kérastase and Withings unveil a smart hairbrush
  • Kérastase and Withings unveil a smart hairbrush
    Janssem Cardoso (2015) ©

Kérastase and Withings unveil a smart hairbrush

Whether counting calories or tracking sleep, technology has enabled us to quantify any aspect of the self to improve wellbeing. Now, Loréal-owned Kérastase is applying the same thinking to hair, showcasing a smart hairbrush at CES 2017 that promises truly personal care.



  • Article image How many? The science of quantification

    Technology enables us to record and track data on almost any aspect of life – from diet to sleep, productivity to fertility. But what are the implications? Canvas8 sat down with Dr. Jordan Etkin of Duke University to find out how quantification can sometimes suck the fun out of life.

  • Article image Balmain Hair Couture: luxe locks from a fashion house

    Hair can make or break an outfit, and not everyone is happy with a quick spritz of dry shampoo. People are looking for luxury products to tame their manes, and with Balmain Hair Couture, the historic namesake fashion house is ensuring its customers’ locks are as luxurious as their wardrobes.

  • Mascara joins the internet of things Mascara joins the internet of things

    When you think of smart objects and connected gadgetry, what springs to mind? Most likely fridges and phones and other household practicalities. But if L’Oréal’s latest research project is successful, mascara will be the latest addition to the ever-evolving Internet Of Things.

  • Article image Geneu U+: skincare tailored to your DNA

    Everyone has a skin problem – saggy, dull, greasy or dry. Spots are no longer a teenage problem; half of adults have acne. Geneu has developed U+, in-store technology that tailors skincare to customer’s DNA. But do we really want to mix science into our beauty regime?