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  • L.L. Bean's snow boots are selling out
  • L.L. Bean's snow boots are selling out
    Anna Chernichko (2015) ©

L.L. Bean's snow boots are selling out

It’s not often that an ‘it’ shoe has functional rubber soles, thick laces and is crafted from waterproof fabric. But L.L. Bean’s century-old snow boot – which has a 20,000-person waiting list – shows that a back story and a lifetime guarantee might be more appealing than a pair of red soles.



  • Buy Me Once only stocks products that last a lifetime Buy Me Once only stocks products that last a lifetime

    “If socks can have a lifetime guarantee, why can't anything?” asks entrepreneur Tara Button. This is the premise behind her online store, Buy Me Once. It only stocks products – from tables and chairs to towels and toothbrushes – that are made to last a whole lifetime.

  • Article image Casual Campers: pitching up in the urban jungle

    The great outdoors is having a moment. The outdoor apparel industry made $4 billion in 2014. But with more people living in cities than ever before, what it means to be ‘outdoorsy’ is changing. A new consumer has emerged; the casual camper. But who are they? And how are brands engaging them?

  • Article image L.C. King: authentic workwear for hipsters

    From Victorian moustaches to flat caps, hipsters are notorious for reappropriating the old. Founded in 1913, traditional blue-collar workwear brand L.C King Manufacturing Co has become a firm favourite among trendy New Yorkers too, making chore coats and dungarees for blue-collar workers and hipsters alike. But how has this veteran brand done it?

  • Article image Is treasuring the new materialism?

    ‘Til death us do part’ is usually reserved for weddings. But as sustainability becomes a bigger concern, it could be applied to our prized possessions, from cashmere jumpers to iPhones. But how achievable is this in a world where acquiring and upgrading are the status quo?