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  • Brits underestimate the danger of cyber threats
  • Brits underestimate the danger of cyber threats
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Brits underestimate the danger of cyber threats

Despite the rise of cyber threats and online fraud, many Brits remain more concerned about burglars. As many as two-thirds underestimate digital dangers, and it means that they aren’t taking the appropriate precautions to protect themselves online.



  • Article image Why are we welcoming CCTV into our homes?

    CCTV surveillance is almost inescapable in modern Britain. Yet despite calls for a curb on cameras, more and more are being installed – and not just by local authorities, but by regular citizens too. Are we feeling more vulnerable in our homes? And does CCTV actually make us feel safer?

  • Article image True Link: helping to protect the family inheritance

    As people get older, they become more vulnerable; 37% of American seniors are affected by financial abuse and banks are routinely blamed for mis-selling products to the elderly. How is True Link ensuring that wealth stays in the family and doesn’t fall into the hands of the scammers?

  • Article image CUJO: securing your smart home from cyber threats

    In 2014, 110 million US adults were hacked. As we fill our homes with smart lights and thermostats, heightened connectivity is bringing heightened insecurity. A guard dog for the digital age, CUJO is designed to keep the connected home secure from cyber-threats. But are our homes really at risk?

  • Article image 1Password: online security made strong, secret and simple

    If awareness of internet security is so high, then why are we still using '123456' and 'password' to protect our accounts? Can 1Password – a sophisticated and simple password manager – be the encrypted answer for the 70% of people who regularly forget their passwords?