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  • More Boomers are smoking marijuana
  • More Boomers are smoking marijuana
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More Boomers are smoking marijuana

Smoking weed is usually thought to be the preserve of rebellious teenagers, bored students and old hippies. But research suggests that an increasing number of older people are sparking up. And very few of them are worried about the effect regular use has on their health.



  • More Americans are getting stoned over thanksgiving More Americans are getting stoned over thanksgiving

    For some Americans, the most important part of Thanksgiving is the food. But others are looking for a much more chilled out celebration; sales of marijuana spike in the US by up to a quarter on the days before and after the holiday, as people seek out ways to take the edge off.

  • Article image The Herbal Chef: taking fine dining to new highs

    With recreational marijuana legal in four US states, foodie stoners no longer have to settle for home-made hash cakes. Now, they can enjoy ‘high cuisine’ from The Herbal Chef, who uses cannabis to give diners the gourmet munchies. Could this stoned supper club be the ultimate in immersive dining?

  • Article image Why drug dealers are going digital

    If you wanted to get your hands on an ounce of weed or a gram of coke, chances are you’d call a dealer, meet them in their car and do the deal in cash. But the days of waiting around in the cold for your next high are gone; whether legal or not, more and more people are ordering drugs online.

  • Article image Has UK drug culture gone soft?

    Drug use in the UK is on the rise. But the people taking them are older, and more middle class than ever. And they’re taking them at home, swapping all-night raves for nights on the sofa. But is this really an accurate picture of the changing British attitudes towards drug use?