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  • Motu is a Deliveroo-only Indian restaurant
  • Motu is a Deliveroo-only Indian restaurant
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Motu is a Deliveroo-only Indian restaurant

While chicken tikka masala is the UK’s most popular Indian dish, a generation of experimentalists are paving the way to a more exciting future. Motu Indian Kitchen delivers ‘feast boxes’, including bone marrow methi goat keema, and it aims to deliver in 30 minutes, exclusively using Deliveroo.



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    People in India are getting used to the convenience of ordering meals straight to their doors, but companies are having a hard time claiming a share of the lucrative food delivery market. Start-up Twigly aims to beat the competition by becoming the go-to service for gourmet meals.

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    The takeaway industry was worth roughly £9 billion in 2014. And while they might traditionally be associated with sloppy curries or lukewarm pizza, new services like Deliveroo are giving takeaways a higher-quality edge. How is it challenging the fast-food giants that dominate this industry?

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