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  • Chatbots don’t understand social cues
  • Chatbots don’t understand social cues
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Chatbots don’t understand social cues

Robots in group chats are making awkward comments, bringing up the question of how to teach a bot the art of discretion. Although developers are working on the issue, the shortcomings of AI in social situations resonate with a wider public scepticism of non-human service.



  • The Kirobo Mini will be your robot friend The Kirobo Mini will be your robot friend

    Toyota has created a pint-sized robot that will chat with its owners and gradually learn about them, mimicking the organic progression of real human relationships. The Kirobo Mini is pushing people to rethink the value of robotics, shifting from objective functions to social companionship.

  • Article image Why would you want to chat to a bot?

    The number of people using messaging apps is set to hit two billion by 2018, so it’s no wonder brands want to get in on the action. Major tech players are touting chatbots as the next big thing, but can they really revolutionise online interactions, or are they just part of an industry-driven pipe dream?

  • Article image Are we addicted to the future?

    Futurologists – those allegedly able to predict the future – are in high demand from newspapers and major companies keen to see into the coming years. Yet the vast majority of predictions are wrong. What's the appeal of future-gazing? And what might mobilise our visions into the present?

  • Article image Can we trust robots?

    As our lives become more automated, the consumer robotics industry is only set to grow. But something is holding the market back – people find it difficult to trust these machines, especially in their homes and offices. Why do they make us uneasy, and what will convince people to trust robots?