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  • Instagram has introduced shoppable tags
  • Instagram has introduced shoppable tags
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Instagram has introduced shoppable tags

With so many fashion labels having a presence on Instagram – by 2017, over 70% of brands will be on the platform – it's the perfect source for sartorial inspiration. And it is now making it easier to shop on social media, removing the need to interrupt your scrolling with a browser window.



  • Article image Bespoke Your World: shop a curated Insta feed

    Instagram is an endless source of fashion inspiration, letting users follow trendsetters and luxury labels all in one place. But there’s a shift occurring as brands look to generate business in addition to likes. How is Bespoke Your World helping unknown designers stand out and sell their wares?

  • Article image How do men use social media?

    The modern man is a very different creature than his predecessors. But fluid masculinity and metrosexuality aside, men today are increasingly socially savvy; Pinterest – an old haunt for brides-to-be – reported a 73% increase in male users in 2014. What’s got so many men signing up?

  • Gucci engages consumers with instagram prints Gucci engages consumers with instagram prints

    Many luxury brands are moving away from heavily branded items to explore a more subtle, luxurious aesthetic. But Gucci is going in the opposite direction, running an Instagram campaign featuring work from a range of independent artists, all inspired by Gucci prints.

  • Article image How screenshots became the reality TV of social media

    The screenshot is how you save a digital memory. From displaying autocorrect errors to dodging Twitter’s character limit, it has become an easy and intimate way to communicate online. But what are the implications for brands? And what do they say about the users that share them?