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  • Black Gen Yers are leading digital advancement
  • Black Gen Yers are leading digital advancement
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Black Gen Yers are leading digital advancement

Research conducted by Nielsen has found that the young African-American population is increasingly connected, enthusiastic and curious to explore new technology. Outdoing their peers from other ethnic groups, black Gen Yers are leading the pack as early influencers.



  • Article image A sector snapshot of technology

    How is the complicated relationship between gender and technology evolving? In what ways are we becoming more like cyborgs? Why are popular apps starting to look the same? And how is tech finally becoming accessible to all?

  • Article image Are technology brands sexist?

    Technology for women has transcended the early years of 'shrinking and pinking' – and just as well, given that women are, in many ways, more prevalent tech consumers than men. But with just 41% actively agreeing that technology caters to their needs, how is tech evolving to appeal to both genders?

  • Article image UK Boomers on Technology

    Boomers may be on their way to retirement, but they take pride in staying young – and tech is increasingly a part of that. Canvas8 sat down with Brits between the ages of 50 and 69 to find out what tech they couldn’t live without and how they really feel about devices at the dinner table.

  • Article image Found Them First: bragging rights for music geeks

    Discovering new music was once a preserve of A&R scouts at major labels. But with unsigned acts now playing to anyone with an internet connection, how can music fans be sure of who was there first? A new Spotify feature is quantifying ‘cool’, giving music geeks the bragging rights they deserve.