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  • Japan's yankiis are embracing american style
  • Japan's yankiis are embracing american style
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Japan's yankiis are embracing american style

From Lolitas to Genderless Kei, fashion subcultures are rife in Japan. And all-American yankiis are pushing back against the country’s uniformity, opting to embody a retro-punk aesthetic. And their separation from Japan’s mainstream attitudes is opening up a market for yankii style.



  • Article image Who are Japan’s Gen Y worshippers?

    Blessing ceremonies? Power stones? Cultivating one’s ki energy? Gen Yers in Japan aren't just embracing these things – a growing number are spending on them, too. Amid economic turmoil and rampant Americanisation, young Japan is turning to religion for both their personal and national identities.

  • Article image Genderless Kei: style that challenges social hierarchies

    Neon nails, coloured contact lenses and plaited locks. This might describe a girl from Harajuku, but while Genderless Kei is a Tokyo style tribe, it's not just for girls. In fact, it's rocked predominantly by straight, teen boys that are rebelling against Japan’s notoriously conformist gender norms.

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    From Coasties to K-Poppers, the US is home to a range of teen subcultures. In the fourth of a series exploring Gen Y and Z tribes, Andrea Graham Richeson examines the Americana – teens looking to mid-century America for their inspiration. Can they bring hand-crafted heritage into the 21st Century?

  • Article image Is patriotism still big in Japan?

    ‘I’m glad to be Japanese!’ It’s a thought that two-thirds of Japanese people have had. But with nationalism’s long, sordid history in the country, some debate whether it can be taken too far. With a recent spike in patriotism in Japan's popular culture, how is it translating to the rest of the world?